Send SMS message in Android HybridApp HTML5

Another useful snippet HTML5 hybrid app for Android, using the method addJavascriptInterface to send sms:

// sms permission in your manifest file of Android project


// start code
public class MainActivity extends Activity {
public WebView webView;

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
 setContentView(R.layout.activity_main); // source activity_main.xml
webView = (WebView) findViewById(;
webView.addJavascriptInterface(new WebAppInterface(this), "Android");
webView.setWebViewClient(new WebViewClient());
// important set Web Chrome Client
webView.setWebChromeClient(new WebChromeClient());
webView.loadUrl(url); //local or remote
// final class for save and write file in external storage
final class WebAppInterface {
        Context mContext;

        /** Instantiate the interface and set the context */
        WebAppInterface(Context c) {
            mContext = c;
            Built-in SMS application
        public void sendBSMS(String contentsms, String tag) {
            try {
               Intent sendIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW);
	       sendIntent.putExtra("sms_body", contentsms); 
            catch (IOException e) {
                Log.e(tag, "Action failed: " + e.toString());
         *Send with SmsManager API
        public void sendSMSM(String phoneNo, String contentsms, String tag) {
            try {
               SmsManager smsManager = SmsManager.getDefault();
	       smsManager.sendTextMessage(phoneNo, null, contentsms, null, null);
            catch (IOException e) {
                Log.e(tag, "SMS failed: " + e.toString());

// Now open html file in www folder

optional *

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3dmodeldroid Viewer

3D Model Droid Viewer

This android app provides a 3d object, 3d Studio Max and 3d stl viewer for presenting 3d models and small scenes on a web page. You can to save render result in png, jpg, tiff and pdf and you can to change render mode and image definition. In the project are also available preset modes for the rotation of the object and a useful console that tracks the user’s actions.

Get it on Google Play

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Get Your Pdf button for Your Web Site

Get your pdf button and convert your html content in pdf document in a instant with jsPDF

// get jsPDF library - url
var jsPDF = ""
// set css class for button
var pdfclass = ".pdf{-moz-box-shadow:inset 0 1px 0 0 #f5978e;-webkit-box-shadow:inset 0 1px 0 0 #f5978e;box-shadow:inset 0 1px 0 0 #f5978e;background-color:#f24537;-webkit-border-top-left-radius:16px;-moz-border-radius-topleft:16px;border-top-left-radius:16px;-webkit-border-top-right-radius:16px;-moz-border-radius-topright:16px;border-top-right-radius:16px;-webkit-border-bottom-right-radius:16px;-moz-border-radius-bottomright:16px;border-bottom-right-radius:16px;-webkit-border-bottom-left-radius:16px;-moz-border-radius-bottomleft:16px;border-bottom-left-radius:16px;text-indent:0;border:1px solid #d02718;display:inline-block;color:#fff;font-family:Arial;font-size:15px;font-weight:bold;font-style:normal;height:27px;line-height:27px;width:120px;text-decoration:none;text-align:center;text-shadow:1px 1px 0 #810e05}.pdf:hover{background-color:#c62d1f}.pdf:active{position:relative;top:1px}";
var head = document.head || document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];
// create style button
var style = document.createElement('style');
var btnpdf = document.createElement("button");
style.type = 'text/css';
if (style.styleSheet){
  style.styleSheet.cssText = pdfclass;
} else {
// append pdf library
var scriptjspdf =  document.createElement('script');
scriptjspdf.src = jsPDF;
btnpdf.setAttribute("id", "printpdf");
btnpdf.setAttribute("class", "pdf");
var textBtn = document.createTextNode("Save PDF");
// now build your pdf function
function saveinPdf(){	
	var pdf = new jsPDF('p', 'pt', 'letter')
	, source = document.body
	, specialElementHandlers = {
		'#bypassme': function(element, renderer){
			return true

   margins = {
      top: 20,
      bottom: 20,
      left: 20,
      width: 210
    	, margins.left 
    	, {
    		'width': margins.width 
    		, 'elementHandlers': specialElementHandlers
    	function (dispose) {
	    	try {
	    		var inputFilename = prompt("Enter file name to save html result in pdf");
		    		if(inputFilename == "") {
		    			alert('You must enter file name to save result in pdf, please')
		    		} else { + '.pdf');
	    		} catch(e) {
	    			 txt="There was an error on save.\n\n";
	    			 txt+="Error description: " + e.message + "\n\n";
	    			 txt+="Click OK to continue.\n\n";
document.getElementById("printpdf").addEventListener("click", saveinPdf, false);
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Drag&Drop Image in pure Javascript

Drag&Drop Image with download Firefox Extension, for You

(function() {
  var zoneDrop = document.getElementById('zone-drop');
  zoneDrop.addEventListener("dragover", function(e){
    zoneDrop.setAttribute("class", "over");
  }, false);

  zoneDrop.addEventListener("drop", function(e){
    var files = e.dataTransfer.files;
    var fileCount = files.length;
    var i;
    if(fileCount > 0) {
      for (i = 0; i < fileCount; i = i + 1) {
        var file = files[i];
        var name =;
        var size = bytesToSize(file.size);
        var type = file.type;
        var reader = new FileReader();
        reader.onload = function(e) {
        zoneDrop.innerHTML+= '
' + name +', ' + type +', ' + size +' bytes'; }; reader.readAsDataURL(file); } } }, false); })(); function bytesToSize(bytes) { var sizes = ['Bytes', 'KB', 'MB', 'GB', 'TB']; if (bytes == 0) return '0 Bytes'; var i = parseInt(Math.floor(Math.log(bytes) / Math.log(1024))); return Math.round(bytes / Math.pow(1024, i), 2) + ' ' + sizes[i]; };

click here for download

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HTML5 Editor Advanced

HTML5 Editor Advanced è la mia nuova applicazione mobile ibrida che impiega il metodo “addJavascriptInterface” offerto dalla libreria Android per la scrittura e la lettura dei files. Il progetto è in continua evoluzione ed è ispirato a l’applicazione web server jsfiddle come editor html, css e javascript. Puoi caricare le più celebri librerie javascript con il metodo CDN per lo sviluppo direttamente sul tuo device mobile dei tuoi progetti targati HTML5. È sottinteso che puoi impiegare tutte le api, includendo anche quelle più recenti, del core di javascript e se desideri archiviare i tuoi dati puoi scegliere tra le tre più diffuse opzioni: localStorage, IndexedDB e Web SQL. Per la prossima release di HTML5 Editor ho deciso di includere anche il compilatore HAML e SASS e l’highlight code per la validazione del codice html, css e javascript.

Update 02.07.2014: Nuova Interfaccia grafica e nuove funzioni per HTML5 editor for Android

Get it on Google Play

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